Is it possible to define non-contact-specific free/busy-urls?

Dear Support, i currently check out emclient as a local alternative to our zimbra web client for email, contacts, calendars and tasks. Looks near perfect so far, only thing i mess around with now is this: I would like to see my colleagues’ availability when setting up meetings. I managed to get this working on a per-user basis by adding a free/busy-url in a colleague’s contact detail page.

Now my question: is it possible to set up a general free/busy-url to avoid entering this detail into every colleagues’ contact detail? Kind of “rule” like “if email is like, try…” would be nice…

And btw. how does it make me feel? I’m blown away with emclient…this is the first client i might consider on par with the apple set of Mail/Address book/Calendar … so a clear Smile. Just a little annoying if i need to hammer this rather repeating url into all my company contacts

No, such a global setting is not possible, I will remind our developers about the consideration.

…thanks for the info. Meanwhile I have added that information manually, we’ll test emclient in the weeks to come.

Is there a standard availability lookup? i.e. if I enter a CalDAV URL, does EmClient lookup availability using a pattern derived from that URL? Or will it lookup availability only if the free/busy-URl is set explicitly on the details page?

If there is a standard lookup, i might be able to perform some url juggling automagically…