Is it possible to custom set the threshold for the attachment size warning?

Title pretty much says it all. If there are a number of attachments, you’ll get a warning message (which can be disabled) indicating that sending could take a long time.

I’d like to custom set the threshold for that message at the max size that our email system can handle. In other words, ONLY get the warning when the attachments exceed xx Mb, and be able to custom set the xx value.

In short, I don’t need to be warned when our system can handle the attachment size. I do need to be warned when I accidentally exceed that size and the message is going to bounce.


Menu > Settings > General > Confirmations:

Just bear in mind that your email provider may allow you to send larger attachments, but many don’t allow their users to receive more than 10MB. For that reason we also provide the cloud storage provider option, so you can send the message with a link automatically created to your cloud storage, rather than sending the actual attachment with the message.

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Thanks! I did look around in the EMAIL settings before asking but didn’t check CONFIRMATIONS.