Is it possible to create a rule?

I want emails with the subject “support” and from the sender “support” to be moved from all inboxes to the local “Support” folder I created. Is it possible to do so?

Yes, it will be a Rule like this:

I’m sorry, I asked the wrong question. It is necessary that in one rule it should be like this: “all letters with the subject “support” or all letters from the sender “support” are moved to the “Support” folder”

And second - is it possible to create one rule for all “Inbox” folders of all mailboxes? I have 5 mailboxes, I need this rule to work everywhere. I have to create a separate rule for each box. Maybe there is an opportunity to make one rule for all boxes? Developers read the forum, can they add such an opportunity (if it is not there) to the program?

Why only one rule?
For “or”, just create a rule for the sender and another for the subject.

As @Ekalb says, just create two Rules.

If you create a Local Rule, it will apply to all Inboxes.

Too many rules that need to be made too often. I have five active mailboxes and a couple more that I rarely use. It is necessary for only one condition to create seven identical rules! I used another mail program for many years, but it is very buggy, many people leave it. The Bat is called. There is a very convenient sorting. I could insert many “or” into one rule. That is, I moved letters to one folder, according to one single rule - for example, if the subject of the letter contains the word “shop”, “by”, “cheque” and so on, if the address contains “shop”, “sale” and and so on, if the body of the letter contains “cheque”, “discount” and so on… - move all letters with these triggers to the local “Shops” folder And all this according to one rule! Which can be supplemented as necessary with other conditions. I expected from such a very well thought out program as EM Client more flexible rule management.

No. I said that if you create a Local Rule, it will apply to all Inboxes. So you create just 1 local Rule, and it will apply to all your accounts.

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