is it possible to configure default settings for all new tasks?

when i create tasks, i typically do not want them to have start/end times or dates. i just want regular tasks. and even if i did want start/end dates, i’d like to be able to control the default settings when i start a new task.

is there a way to make default task settings??


There is possibility that this will be implemented in next version, but I can’t provide exact answer at the moment.

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Any update on this? I don’t use dates with tasks either, and it is a bit annoying to check them off each time.

Hi Ronald, unfortunately this is still not possible in eM client, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

This is a deal breaker for me. I liked EM b/c it’s faster than Outlook but having to manually edit each task to delete the due date would slow me down more than outlook does. It also needs the ability to categorize tasks by importance, like Outlook.

First, let me say that I really appreciate eM Client. The more I use it the more I’ve liked it.

I’ve only recently started using the task portion and I am hoping to replace my Wunderlist usage with eM Client. There are parts of eM Client that I like a lot more than Wunderlist’s applications, but the way that the due date and start date slow down task entry is extremely difficult to overcome. I would agree with your other poster ( that it makes it a difficult process.

I know that this isn’t a huge priority for you all as you have stated as much in these forums. I don’t know what would go into creating options for users, but, perhaps, a temporary work around would be to create a “quick add” feature that defaults to no due date and no start date. Just a thought.

At the very least I would like to give a bump to this issue/ idea.

Hi again Nate and Brandon,
I’ve talked to the developers as we’ve compared the existing behavior with other services and as a result, we should improve this behavior in future releases of eM Client. Neither Start nor Due date should be checked while creating a new task and hopefully this change will be included in upcoming updates.

Thank you,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m glad to hear that it is being considered.

Is this coming in the next release? My gripe isn’t that the start and end times are checked. It’s that they default to 12:00AM for Start on the current date and end at 11:59pm on the current date. First, most of my tasks are during the workday so starting them at 12:00AM makes no sense! Second, why would they default to a 12-hour start/end period?

It would b great if you could set your own default Start and End date/times so that every time you create a task, they start with your defaults and you can change them as needed per task. Right now I have to change them for EVERY task, and that is very time-consuming.

Hi, thank you for your feedback regarding this feature we’re currently working on some adjustments regarding the tasks options and behavior while setting up the time.


Still working on this? This is one year old…

Now v7 is out and this has hardly changed: a new task gets a starttime “now” and endtime “23:59” . In settings under task there is only one option. How difficult can it be to offer an option to “create tasks without start- and endtime”?

No change whatsoever in tasks in the new version. So much more needs to be done!