is it possible to avoid that ccn recipients appear in the printed version of a message?

I don’t approve the fact that ccn recipients appear in the printed version, otherwise I would use the cc recipients if I would like them to be public.

thank you in advance for your prompt action 

ccn?  Do you mean BCC ?
“printed version”… of your sent Messages?

Since a printed Version of a Message is wanted to contain all information, it has to contain the BCC - Info.

put yourself on bcc: and print the received Message, not the one you did send.


Hello Stefania,
if you sent the message you will always see all the information you put inside this message.
What Fritz suggests seems like the best workaround, making one BCC copy to yourself, since the bcc will not show in the received message.


Thanks to both of you for your reply!

I used to work with windows mail on windows vista until my pc got broken, and I remember (maybe wrongly) that with this program the ccn (bcc) recipient was not shown in the printed version.

Anyway your suggestion will help me. Thanks!