Is is possible to integrate email notifications so that it uses windows notifications like how osx works

In OS X and Linux(for ex Ubuntu), Notifications show up using the native system notifications. Is it possible to do the same for windows? Otherwise, is it possible to change how the notification looks?

Hi Timothy,
unfortunately it is not possible to integrate eM Client’s notifications into Windows notifications. The looks of the notification cannot be changed either.


I was hoping it was possible using HTML.  The notification looks like something from Outlook 2003.

Unfortunately you cannot change the look of the notifications yourself, but if that is any consolation, the design of the whole UI and notifications has been modernized in the upcoming version 7.

So…I have no way of knowing that an email has been sent to me? That is, if I’m not looking at the moment that the popup happens? I have seen the popup, but I left my machine, and there are many unread emails in my various accounts. When I look at eM Client, there is no indication that some accounts have unread email?

I must be missing something? Thanks for your help.

Until I hear back, I will go back to Thunderbird.

That is to say, I have two requests:

  1. How do I know that email has been sent if I don’t see the popup, and I’m not on eM Client?
  2. When I look at eM Client, how do I know which accounts have new mail?

For that you will need to use system notifications, where after the popup, the new messages will be listed in the Windows Action Center (1) until you dismiss them. You will also have a new mail icon in the task bar (2).

The Inbox for the account that has received new messages will have an unread count. As more messages are received into that account, the unread count will increase.

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To enable EM Client (Email & Reminder notifications) in the Windows 10 Tray, click “Menu / Settings / General / Notifications” and place a tick in the box marked - “Use System Notifications” Then click “Apply & Ok”.