Is em Client worth buying

Ok, this question should not offend anyone, least of all the em client team.
I only ask to make it clear to me whether switching from Outlook makes sense.

Have tried the Trial Version and im first of all fascinated (as Mr. Spock would say: "Fascinating - With that eyebrow move) how easy it is to get all imported from Outlook with changing to IMAP almost automatically.
Well Done Team… U know how to get us :wink:

I am reading a lot the last few days after Version 8 came on and ppl around are having obviously probs with the new Version. And excactly thats the point for my question.

The other point is the Price. Its 50 Bucks for an E-Mail Client - This is not exactly a small task - And noone offers any discount out there.

So Guys N Girls - Whats your opinion, as an Outlook user playing with the thoughts to switch to em Client?

Would you or wouldn’t you?

Ok anyway after getting bothered with, in my opinion weird answer via PM, still dont get why someone dont answer in here i decided to stick with outlook.

Its your fault MISTER that i dont buy me a license.

I guess it depends on whether you require the PRO options.


It is a lot cheaper and has many more features than Outlook. Even free version has many more features that other email applications paid versions.

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I would need the pro coz of having 4 Email Accounts but for now i qith this strange behave of that guy wrote me in pm (which i am not very happy about) i stay with what i have.

i wanted to move to IMAP and we all know IMAP and Outlook are not best friends but POP3 is working well and i was using this protocol for years now and i can stay another 10 years with it…

No email client is perfect. On one side i like the easy way of emclients import settings, the global foldern etc. on the other hand there are few, very liitle, things i dont like, but gosh its just minimal.

Maybe in another life we´ll see us again :wink: Thanks to everysne, except that…, for reading, posting and everything else. bye