Is em Client under active development?

I just discovered eM Client yesterday and am trying it out. I quite like it as an alternative to both Apple Mail and (hopefully) MS Outlook on my Mac.

However, before I buy it and then spend the extra for “lifetime updates”, I’d like to be comfortable that this product is still under active development, otherwise paying for lifetime updates is stupid.

Thanks in advance,

Yes, eM Client is still actively being developed.

Please look at the Release History for PC which gives you an idea of how often we release updates, and some of the features released with each update. We have both PC and more recently Mac versions and are currently developing mobile options for Android and iOS.

We have a new desktop version due out in a few weeks.

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I’m using Mac version — will it be at par with Windows version?

Yes, they are practically the same.

OK – based on fast responses here (always a good sign) I have bought the client and lifetime upgrades. I look forward to converting totally over to this on all my machines.

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It is exciting to hear that you are developing an iOS option. Are you, or will be, looking for alpha/beta testers? If so, is there any place to indicate interest?

I have only recently started to use eM Client and encounter a problem in that it does not open a password protected attachment. Any solution? I am on Windows 10


I’m also very interested in an iOS version.