Is eM Client compatible with Gmails Secure App access?

Hi All,
I found a related thread here, however it’s 5 years old. Gmail has a feature called Access to Less Secure Apps and to work with many older email clients like  Outlook Express you have to enable the same to allow Gmail access thru such apps.

The downside is that this access gets revokes intermittently by Google like when a new device is found or you change location or you change your ISP.

I would like to know if the current version 7 of eM Client supports Gmails Secure Access App support seamlessly i.e. Do not allow Less Secure Apps?

If  I set Secure Access setting High (i.e. do not allow less secure apps to access Gmail) in Google settings, then will v7 of eM Client work with it?

This input is important because then I will have to decide if I really want to buy this eM Client or for the time being use it with just Free features.

Thanks and regards.

The less secure app setting needs to be enabled on your Google account to access the mailbox with POP3. This is a standard requirement for any email client.

Otherwise with the default setup of a Gmail account in eM Client using IMAP, Google’s less secure app access can be disabled without affecting your messaging.