Is backup/restore supposed to be able to work between MacOS and Win10 devices?

I mainly use an Apple MAC desktop, but use a Win10 PC when I travel. I have 4 POP3 mail accounts. I want to be able to backup on one device and restore on the other, back and forth when needed. Is this supported? So far, when I try to restore a backup from the MAC on my Win10 laptop the restore process starts, but then eMC displays a crash window. I click continue, it restarts and checks db integrity as ok, then crashes again!

It should be fully supported as there is no database structure differences between the two. 

What are the versions (Menu > Help > About) that you are using?

MacOS version 7.2.35700.0 and
Win 10  version 7.2.36908.0

Both were downloaded within a couple of days of each other.

Can you copy the backup zip file to a directory on your C: drive, then try restore from that.