Is ANYONE'S or IMAP working??

I am trying to find out if anyone uses AND has their IMAP actually working right now? If so, please let me know. Thank you so much!!

It works OK for me - email me at so I can send you further instructions.

OMG It works!! Thank you Juraj!
The problem was that I was using upper and lowercase letters in my userid. When switched to all lowercase, it worked. YAYYY!!

Hi - I can receive email from icloud but just cant send! any advice to the settings required. the settings i have work with my iphone and also outlook but not em client


See my old post:…
If that doesn’t help I can help walk you through it.

Hi Dawn - I tried lower case and removing the and it still doesnt work. I tried the diagnosis fix and the SMTP is getting errors. can you confirm the settings you have used. mine are attached.

Change the Security policy to “Use ssl/tls if available”.

Hi - Still not working

Contact me directly at - I will send you further instructions.

Make sure you use main account and not alias
General page login -
IMAP - login is userid only,, port 993, legacy for security policy
SMTP - login is,, port 587, server requires authentication, force usage for security policy

make sure all is lowercase
don’t use identity credentials, always uses these credentials

does this work?

Hi Dawn, none of the options are going to work unfortunately as my corporate firewall is blocking the sending of emails using emclient.

Thanks for your help.


that makes sense. i never thought of that. ha. at least we tried. you’re welcome