is anyone providing support in this forum?

I am evaluating em Client and and have been following this forum now for a couple of weeks. I am hesitant to purchase this product as the support seems to be, for want of a better word, lacking. No response to many posts with issues. Problems that haven’t been resolved for months.

Is this normal or is it because you are using all your resources on version 7?

Someone please start responding to peoples posts and provide some support for your product.

You are right. I had serious problems using EM Client with my Hotmail account. As I am using the free version, I cannot get other tech support. In the forum I got a few responses on the technical problems, but it was concluded that the problem would be with Hotmail and that I would have to contact them. It is not correct, because yesterday I completely un-installed eM Client (including manually deleting the eM Client folder in the AppData) and re-installed it and now the problems (o byte attachments) is gone.

There is not a lot of technical support for users of the free version and if the problem s not very simple to solve, the tech support might be of no help.

Hi Raymond,
I’m sorry for the inconvenience with the forum support, but as you guessed correctly, the release of alpha version 7 has caused a bit of a hiccup on the forum upkeep, especially this past week.
Thank you for understanding and best regards,