Irritating popup

Every time I start emclient I get a message saying that my free trial ends in x days and that I will lose certain facilities, none of which do I use. As far as I know I have never asked for a trial of the paid-for version, I have ALWAYS used the free one. So why am I now getting this message??? It’s extremely irritating and unwanted, why don’t you have a tick box on it to say “Don’t show me this again”?

Go to Menu > Help > License and activate your Free License.

If you don’t have a Free License key, and you are only using eM Client for personal use, you can get one here

Thanks for that Gary. I do indeed only use em client for personal use, What seems to have happened is that on the upgrade to version 8, I have been automatically and without my knowledge been saddled with a “free trial” of the pro version. Here is what I see from following your instructions:
Screenshot 2021-02-08 195340
So, I only have the option to “deactivate” which, I am concerned, may stop me using the prtoduct altogether. Any idea what I should do? Thanks again, Martin