Irregular display names in „from“ section

Evaluating em client with numerous IMAP accounts using version

Is there a logic as to how sender names in the „from“ section are shown? Sometimes it just shows the email-address, sometimes the display name given by the sender, sometimes the name in my contact list (which I’m unable to change), and sometimes it even varies in consecutive mails from the same sender.

I’d like it to behave like Thunderbird: Click on manage contacts, specifiy a name, all mails from this mail are shown accordingly in the „from“ section.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Phil,
unfortunately eM Client cannot overwrite the display FROM name. This name is usually set by the mail client you are sending the email from or the server (in eM Client you set yours in Tools>Accounts section in the general tab of your account).

It’s an interesting idea and if TB managed to implement it, I’ll change your forum topic to an Idea thread and add it to the Feature request list so our developers can consider adding this improvement in future versions.


Hi Olivia,
thanks for your answer and for adding it to the feature requests.