iPhone sync

Is it possible to sync eM Client with iPhone via iTunes? Thanks for answer.

no, it is impossible…

yeah but a way to sync em calendar and emails would be cool, but I guess emails won’t work but any possbilities for the calendar?

MS and Apple must have it locked up together. MS is offering to sell MS Outlook ONLY (stand alone) . Get 2007 now with FREE 2010 download. Guess I am going that way.

If you use Gmail calendar and contacts it’s possible to sync these to both your iphone and your eMClient by adding your Gmail account as a second account on eM Client and making Gmail your Exchange Server account on your iphone.

It’s not the most elegant of solutions, but it’s a passable workaround.

The fact that I cannot sync the calendar with my iPhone is going to be the killer for me as well – I really wanted to ditch MS Office, Outlook in particular, and go all open-source + eM Client for mail/im but looks like I am going to have to buy Outlook 2010 (purely for the smooth syncing without tools and hacks) and go open source on the other stuff.

It’s an exact ditto for me. Too bad this important feature has such low priority for emClient. I am about to switch all to Google so that my iPod Touch is fully functionable and sync’s with all my applications, photos and email. Yes, my iPod rules!

Same here. Have forever been stuck with microsoft because of all the integration and synch capabilities that nobody else offers

I don’t get it. I’ve been using Google calendar on my iphone for months. Just set Google to sync with whatever you want. It IS seamless.
IOW sync google to iphone (use the google app) sync emclient to google and all is well.

I gave up on all the other possible options. I gave in and bought Outlook 2010 … to have peace of mind and some sanity.


It is now possible to Sync with any mobile device (including iPhone) using our Sync2eM service -> give it a try http://www.emclient.com/sync2em

We shouldn’t have to pay to sync.

I’m still having trouble syncing, can you help me fix it?

Can you please be more specific?