IPad eM Client app Problems with text disappearing with pinch & zoom

Using the latest eM Client iPad App V9.3.4863 on a 5th Gen iPad Air with Testflight & iOS 17.1 there is problems with the Pinch and Zoom where the email body text completely disappears.

Note:- This is not an issue on eM Client Android Mobile Phone app. Only on the iPad iOS app.

I have many emails with just plain normal text (no images) in multiple paragraphs with a few spaces in-between each paragraph that are in the font Tahoma Size 12.

(Example of problem)

In Portrait view “press on the subject of the email on the left” & the email then appears on the right.

Then with your right thumb and right index finger zooming out and back in multiple times on the email body section “to see the text better” from the “bottom left to top right” diagonal, the email body text and body text paragraphs will start disappearing a bit at a time.

The more you pinch and zoom, the more the email body text disappears until its completely gone and you are left with a blank email. Replicated this over and over on two different brand new iPads.

Note:- You don’t seem to loose as much email body text in “Horizontal view”. Aprox 90% disappears in Horizontal view compared to 100% disappears in Portrait view. Either way its not good.

Lastly the only way then to get back all the email body text as normal, is to touch on another Subject and back again which then returns back to normal. So there is a problem with the pinch & zoom.