iPad eM Client app not initially recognising Gmail contacts as valid recipients when you type by name

Using the latest eM Client iPad App V9.3.4863 on a 5th Gen iPad Air with Testflight & iOS 17.1

I added my Gmail account to the iPad and all the online Gmail contacts then updated in the iPad contacts section ok.

I then installed eM Client on iPad and added my Gmail account via the QR code and that then showed ok in eM Client accounts.

Then composed a new email and typed in the To: line a couple of letters of the recipients name, and the contacts appeared like in Gmail online to select from.

However when I then selected one of the Gmail contact email addresses that appeared in eM Client To line and tried to send the email, when I pressed the send button I got the error, “Not a valid recipient” even though it was valid.

This happened with every Gmail contact name that appeared in the To line using eM Client app.

So I then went into the Mac Mail app on the iPad and composed and email and the same Gmail contacts appeared in the To line, but when I pressed send, “it did send ok” with no errors.

So eM Client just didn’t think the Gmail contacts that appeared in the To line were valid recipients when I typed them in eM Client by name even though they were.

So i then went back to eM Client app and then instead of typing the recipient by the name, I tried typing the actual “email address” instead of the name and it then sent ok.

Then composed another email in eM Client app by name and selected the same recipient and “it then sent ok” with no errors.

Replicated this same issue on my bros new iPad as well with the same iOS 17.1 installed and his Gmail account.

So there is some issue in eM Client app on iPad “when initially typing by the name” that thinks it’s an invalid Gmail recipient email address when it’s not.

Note: This issue does not happen on eM Client Android mobile app with the same Gmail account. Only happens on the iPad app.