Invitations from others

Hi y’all

I’ve a question regarding the invitations from my gmail agenda.

Since the agenda function allows you to have other agendas from co-workers(Thanks to Google) in eM Client aswell i enabled them for easier setting of appointments. But now i also get the invitations from those aswell, i want to see their agenda inside eM client but not their invitations.

anyway to disable?

Hello Max,
I’m afraid that Invitations would be automatically geneerated by the server, so you cannot disable them from eM Client.
However, I think a workaround that would work would be making some rule from these invitations that would send them to a different folder or remove them so they wouldn’t bother you.


Hi Olivia,

How does someone set a rule for invitations, note that i DONT get the mails for them but they pop up under the invitations tab