invitation where I am member of email alias does not allow to accept or decline

When I receive appointment invitation and I am not listed there, it is not treated as invitation (cannot accept or decline). It states I am not among invited people but I am part of alias that was used to send it (e.g. [email protected]). 

emClient states something like You are not organizer nor attendee of this event. 

Hello Kamil, you can not accept an event that where your email is not listed as an attendee or organizer of the event, however if such invitation has been sent to you, you should still be able to save the event to your calendar by opening the attached .ics file and saving it to your calendar.

Hope this helps.

thanks. is there some reason for this behavior? we are often sending email to various email group and ideally people can still accept or not. it used to work fine in outlook from which I migrated.

Hello again Kamil, yes it is not possible to accept events that you’re not an attendee or organizer of, if the calendar event included in the email does not include your email, your calendar server can’t always process this and could result in synchronizing the event locally only.

I’ve the same issue as OP and decided not to buy emClient because of this.
I receive invites by email from Outlook and Thunderbird.
I receive them to one of my many email addresses and email group aliases.

I would like to have at least the same flexibility with this as with Lightning. I want to accept the invite and decide whether to send an “accepted” email. Additionally, I would like to decide in which of my many Calendars I would like to accept the invite to.

Lightning can do all of this, so should emClient.

Hello, was this problem solved somehow? Thanks…

Just tested it with the beta for 7.0. It’s still not working as I expect it to work.

Not working with 7.0.26055.0