Invisible During Backup

The actual client and all it’s predecessors are out of reach when the backup is tidy. You can neither start the client nor find out it’s status. That’s bad behaviour!

That is correct.

If eM Client is closed and the backup starts, you cannot start the application until the backup is complete. That is intentional behavior for data integrity.

If eM Client is running when the back starts, you can continue to use it though, as a shadow copy of the database will be used for the backup.

But the problem still is that you don’t know why the client does not start.

Pls. refrain from further obstructions, thx.

There should be a notification in your Windows Action Centre that the backup started, or there will actually be a process running that you can alt tab to.

Do you not see any of these?

Yes the “eM Client Backup is running” notification does appear in the Windows tray for a sec or so, but if you miss it as you are eg" out of the room etc, you don’t always see it as it’s disappeared.

You then click on eM Client and nothing happens. The only way you know then is by “hovering over the icon in the tray” or clicking on “Notifications in the right corner”, but new peeps don’t know that.

So be good if somehow (when it’s backing up in the tray) if when you clicked the eM Client icon on the desktop or taskbar) it forced the “eM Client Tray Notification backing up icon banner” to appear if can be done.

Ps I would also suggest a backup option in eM Client settings to “Backup on Shutdown” instead of on startup if the normal schedule missed it. So you could at least open eM Client straight away.