Invalid reply format (no Collection)


I keep getting the above message and others. Please see below. I have downloaded the latest version today from your website ( 6.0.24928.0 ). I have read other post on the same subjects but do not see any positive solutions thus far?

I’m using a Hotmail account on windows 10. This occurs if I run firewall, antivirus or not. I have Norton 360. I was hoping this would work as I was hoping to upgrade to the pro version for my other potential uses.

Any suggestions please?

No thoughts or suggestions anyone?

same thing for me, getting tired of closing that window poping every 15 min

sorry for the delayed reply.
Since the issue is on hotmail, can you check if it’s set up as IMAP or Exchange? Microsoft is migrating all its accounts to Exchange and discontinued the previous AIrSync protocol that eM Cleint used it is possible that is the issue.
Please check the set up in Tools>Accounts, and try setting up your account as either IMAP or Exchange.

Alternatively, when this error pops up, you could check the contents of the Log tab and copy it here, as it could contain more information about the error.


Hello Olivia,

Thank you for your reply. When you state set up account as IMAP or Exchange. The version (free) does not allow me to do this from the “add new” part. If you could please expand more on this option please. 

I have deleted and created a fresh account which I will monitor until your reply. I’m not at all comfortable copy my log into this forum, this contains personal information.

Alternative option might be to email directly. 

to set up your account manually you need to ignore the Automatic setup option but choose Mail>Exchange or Mail>Other under it.

If you still need help, send the long to me to [email protected] with a link to this forum topic so I can get back to you about it here.


Hi Olivia, I’m also experiencing this ‘no collection’ issue. I have created a new account which is set up via Exchange. I also receive emails via IMAP. I get this error after every sync for 48 hrs. Please advise