invalid licesnse

invalid license number.  I need help with the free version, I only used for one month now it tells me in need to input license.  Can’t get emails on computer.

Hi Tara,

You can get a free license via the website of eM Client.

Then you will need to add that license information in eM Client via a menu option under the ‘help’ menu.

Hi Tara, you were using the trial version probably, that’s for initial 30 days.
If you’re using eM Client for home/personal use only, you can register a free license on our website as Hans suggested, but if you’re using the application for business/commercial use you have to purchase a license.

Thank you for understanding,

Using the program for personal emails. I got the license number but when I input the number it says “invalid”. Hav not used program for several weeks! I liked it when it worked but about to delete!!

Hi Tara, can you make sure you’re using the activation key from the email you’ve received just as you’ve received it, including the dashes, no extra spaces etc.

Thank you,

I did it exactly the way I received it, not working!!  Please, please, please help me…

Can you send me your licensing information to
And please include a reference link to this forum topic.

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