Invalid license and eM client spying on my emails

I have been using em client with the free license for months. Today I get an error that i’m offline, so i restart em client and it says my license is invalid. I used a free license when i finished my trial period. Now it says i’m in violation of my license and my computer can’t be activated. 

i went back over the license details to see if i did anything with the software i shouldnt have. I cant find anything except im limited to 2 accounts (obviously can’t go past this nor have i tried) and non business use. Well it’s 100% personal use and how would em client know anyway?

Is em client spying on my emails? I’m uninstalling and never using this client again. You guys lost a user for good.

yoohoo man, I doubt very much that eM client is ‘spying’ on anything, but have you tried to contact support to find out why your license is suddenly considered invalid? Not at all likely here that anyone would know that answer. That said, free is free, and you often get what you pay for, but I would at least try to find out before giving it up completely. Personally, I think eM client is way worth the price tag, and I have had almost zero issues with it over the last 4-5 years.