Invalid email for the organizer - MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException

I am always having this problem come up in V7.1.30794.0

5:51:50 PM   e MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: Uploading item(s) to folder ‘[email protected]/[email protected]/’ failed due to the following error: Invalid email for the organizer. —> Google.GoogleApiRequestException: Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError

5:51:50 PM Invalid email for the organizer. [400]

5:51:50 PM Errors [

5:51:50 PM         Message[Invalid email for the organizer.] Location[-] Reason[invalid] Domain[global]

5:51:50 PM ]

5:51:50 PM  —> System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.