Invalid email addresses

why do some email addresses come through as “nobody@invalid.invalid” when it’s a valid email address?

Hello, when there is invalid encoding in a message. Can you please send the problematic message/s as an attachment to We’ll take a look and try to workaround these problems.

I have this problem also :frowning:
Did you email this message to ?
And if so, what was the answer?
It’s the second problem I am having with eM Client (and both were reported here without apparent solution)

Anybody out there? :slight_smile:
or should I just send an email to “bug” myself?

I just tried to import my e-mail from Thunderbird 8.0 into eM Client 3.5.

I now have hundreds of e-mails with an e-mail address from the sender as nobody@invalid.invalid.

Any ideas how to solve this?

I have the same issue for no obvious reason some valid emails came through marked nobody@invalid.invalid- all I can see in header is invalid spf record but I didn’t know this was mandatory

Send me the problematic message saved as eml. Thank you.

Same issue here. I imported messages archived in Thunderbird (several versions) and all messages that have a from name between hyphens like “John Doe” and a missing email address show up in em client listed as from nobody@invalid.invalid instead of simply showing as from John Doe. I understand why one would see “invalid” as email address if one tried to answer to such a message but I see no reason why it isn’t listed correctly for browsing the messages. This means those archived messages are in fact unusable in em client even only to browse them. I have about eighty thousand archived messages.

What version of eM Client are you currently using?


I have one of those from 2 weeks ago if you want another example.

There should be a fix for the old messages already so it won’t help us. If you receive a new message with incorrect email address, send it to me. Thank you.

I am using eM Client 5.0.18025 which is the latest one.

Over the last 15+ years I have used several email programs like, amongst others, Outlook Express and Act!, MS Outlook and finally Thunderbird. I always managed to import my old archived messages from email client to email client over the years and they are now all in Thunderbird. They are not perfect but they are usable, sometimes a sender email address is missing (but the sender name is preserved). I have major problems trying to import the same 82.000 archived messages from Thunderbird into eM Client. Those archived messages show under the correct sender name in Thunderbird but not in eM Client. In Thunderbird they appear under the NAME of the sender (which is present in all messages) when a valid sender email address is missing. However in eM Client those messages now all are listed as coming from nobody@invalid.invalid which isn’t useful at all. Why can they not be shown with the available sender NAME when the sender ADDRESS is missing? I could at least browse the archives and list them in a usable form. The current folder listing behaviour, obfuscation of the actual sender NAME and insertion of a fictive invalid address and using it to list in the folder (instead of displaying the sender’s name) makes the old archives useless. I have seen on the forum that I am not the only one with a “nobody@invalid.invalid” problem. Sadly, if I cannot take my archives with me I cannot ever move to eM Client

What version of eM Client are you using? We fixed this issue recently but I am not sure if it has been already released.

I am using 5.0.18025.0 and there is no later version at this time.

In that case please send one of the problematic messages saved as .eml to my colleague Bambuch at You can also enable Import logging, try to import the messages again and include the log to your email. It will help us to find a cause of the problem. Thank you.

In Thunderbird I had entered something like “company name: my name” in the “your name” field in the account settings (without the double quotes).

This had as a consequence that some people didn’t see my name / e-mail address in their e-mail program in the e-mails I had sent to them.

When they replied to those e-mails, they had to manually enter my e-mail address in the “TO” field.

When I had removed the colon (:slight_smile: from this “your name” field in Thunderbird, the people to whom I was sending e-mails could see my name again in their e-mail program.

I suspect that this colon is one of the causes of the “nobody@invalid.invalid” e-mail addresses we see in eM Client when we import e-mails from Thunderbird.

My colleague will investigate this issue and will let you know once it is fixed.

As requested I sent a message in eml format and snapshots of how it looks in Thunderbird and in eMclient. In thunderbird both the To and From names show correctly but after importing in eMclient these are replaced by “undisclosed recipients” and by “nobody@invalid.invalid


hello. This issue should have been fixed. Please dowload a new version from here:…