"Internal Server Error" when trying to fetch a deleted calendar

I’m running a CalDAV server for my girlfriend, and for the most part she loves eM Client’s interface and functionality (she uses iCal on the Mac, and the calendar layout feels familiar to her). However, when she deletes a calendar using another program (or I remove it via the server interface), eM Client reports an “Internal Server Error” when trying to synchronize the calendars. iCal and her iPod both understand that the calendar is gone, and simply remove it from the list of calendars on the account.

When I add a calendar, eM Client (and the others) pick up on it just fine, so that’s not an issue, but it’s annoying that eM Client comes up with this error instead of just removing the calendar. I have noticed that after this happens, eM Client does remove the calendar, and the error no longer occurs, but it’d be nice if it just did this without complaining in the first place.

you added calendar as CalDAV/CardDAV specific account type and after deleting from elsewhere eM Client points to the wrong (deleted) URL. That’s why this error occurs. It won’t delete itself because this calendar is account for eM Client. You have to remove account manually.

We know this behavior is not perfect and will be changed in future.