Internal Server Error syncing contacts to Fruux CardDAV server

eM Client 4.0.15145.0

Trying to move from Thunderbird to eM Client. I’m testing the carDAV functionality between iPhone and TB using Fruux as the server.

I seem to be having the same issue with photos as posted in:…

The above post shows on the forum as Not a Problem but it’s something that is not working as intended.

I can sync a contact containing a photo from my iPhone via Fruux to eM Client, however if I attempt to sync back to Fruux I receive the following message:

At the bottom of the log file after receiving the error is the following:

InternalServerError Internal Server Error
Response, stream length:
-1, 1299

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away
#0 /opt/fruux/dav/lib/Fruux/DAV/AddressBookBackend.php(299): PDOStatement->execute(Array)
#1 /opt/fruux/dav/vendor/evert/sabredav/lib/Sabre/CardDAV/Card.php(91): Fruux\DAV\AddressbookBackend->updateCard(‘8296’, ‘B38DD06C-CBE6-4…’, ‘BEGIN:VCARD??VE…’)
#2 /opt/fruux/dav/vendor/evert/sabredav/lib/Sabre/DAV/Server.php(834): Sabre_CardDAV_Card->put(‘BEGIN:VCARD??VE…’)
#3 [internal function]: Sabre_DAV_Server->httpPut(‘addressbooks/a3…’)
#4 /opt/fruux/dav/vendor/evert/sabredav/lib/Sabre/DAV/Server.php(459): call_user_func(Array, ‘addressbooks/a3…’)
#5 /opt/fruux/dav/vendor/evert/sabredav/lib/Sabre/DAV/Server.php(205): Sabre_DAV_Server->invokeMethod(‘PUT’, ‘addressbooks/a3…’)
#6 /opt/fruux/dav/lib/Fruux/DAV/Server.php(162): Sabre_DAV_Server->exec()
#7 /opt/fruux/dav/public/server.php(15): Fruux\DAV\Server->exec()
#8 {main}

I’m not sure if the issue is with the eM Client software or Fruux yet. I’ll be sending a message to their support line as well.

If the photo is removed, the contact will sync properly.


It seems that it is a server issue - please let me know what their support employee told you. Thank you.


Thank you for the reply…

As soon as I get more information I will definitely let you know.

I have received word from Fruux that this was indeed a server issue and that they have corrected the problem.

I am, however, having issues with the contact image format as it is being changed from jpeg (downloaded from iPhone through Fruux) and when sent back from eM Client it’s sent as a png.

The iPhone will not load the contact. It keeps trying but does not succeed.

As a side note, the size of the CardDAV record went from approx 309k to 1.84meg based solely on the image format changed.

Would you prefer I enter this info as a new Forum entry? In my opinion, the image format should be sent in the same format as it was received. At the very least there should be an option to select the format.


Thank you for reporting the problem. We will fix it ASAP.


Thanks. That is good to know!

If possible, please keep me posted.


Hi George,

Not trying to put any pressure on you guys but I was curious what the status of this issue (image format problem) is and was also hoping to get some idea of when you’re next update might be available.



we are finishing the beta version 5.0, but we are facing few complications so it is expected to be ready no sooner than august 14.

HI George,

Thanks. As it’s already September I’m assuming you mean Sept 14?

How do you select your beta testers? Might be something I’d be interested in doing.


Yes, of course I meant September :slight_smile: If you are interested in beta testing, email me directly at [email protected].

Just did!