Intermittent Sending

Quite suddenly my eM Client has become unreliable in sending even text messages. It had struggled to send attachments of any sort (not large ones) for a while. I hit “Send” and the messages go into the “Out” box and stay there, unsent. I have tried sending them from the Outbox, but nothing happens. Weirdly I will sometimes come back the computer a day later and find that the Outbox has emptied itself and sent all the messages, even ones with attachments.

Obviously I’ve tried all the normal fixes, shut down the application, shut down the computer etc. etc. but without any obvious or immediate cure. I also tried reloading eMail Client over the top, and running the “Repair” option. This looks to be going well but ends prematurely with an error message and a note to the effect that nothing has been altered. I hesitate to remove eM Client entirely and load a new, clean version because at the moment I cannot identify the “Contacts” storage in the application files and folders and so cannot save my contacts to reload into a fresh version. Where are the contacts stored?

Can you go to Menu > Operations > Log tab.
Look for any SMTP errors. They should give more information on why the messages could not be sent.

Something else you can try as a test, especially if the error says the server did not respond, is to completely disable any anti-virus, firewall, proxy or VPN, then try send again. Sometimes even restarting your router may resolve this.

Otherwise, go to Menu > Accounts and take a screenshot of the SMTP tab. Maybe the settings are not correct, or there may be a more reliable combination.