Interesting Idea for Related Emails


First great job. I really like the EmClient 7 beta. The interface is clean and intuitive. One thing I really like is the Contact Details panel which shows me the history and attachments with a particular user. Very slick. However, I ran into a limitation this morning that could be a nice enhancement for when you’re done with the other 50,000 suggestions in this forum and are looking for something to do.

In my case, I have an email that is basically a conversation between three of us. I’ve tried conversation view in every email client I’ve ever had and never like it. It puts your emails out of order in your inbox, and hides stuff so I always leave it turned off. However, a mini panel with a conversation mode would be really nice. This way, I can quickly find the rest of the conversation without committing to reformatting my entire inbox for it. The fly-out panel could be just like the Contact Details and would be super helpful.

Hope to see it in a future version.
Thanks for listening.

Hello Jason,
sorry for the late reply and thank you for the suggestion.
However, have you tried the Menu >View >Conversations >Show Conversation in Message deail only option? This should leave all messages in your inbox as they are and only show the conversations when you look at the message detail or open it in a new window.
Please specify your problem more if this is not the functionality you mean.


Thanks very much. I’m trying that now.

I really like the approach of “Show Conversation in Message Detail Only” as it is much more difficult to miss a message and allows for a quick visual search. However, I would still like to see a notification in the message listing that the email is part of a conversation and how many messages are in the conversation.
Thanks for the consideration.