Instruction at "numbers" referenced memory at"numbers". The memory could not be read.

I get this message when eM Client is open when I try to shut my PC down or restart it. It started happening after I updated to the latest version today when prompted.

Hello Akryn,
could you please take a screenshot of this error? Sounds like a System error rather than eM Client one, so it would be helpful to see the message so I can look into it.


I’m still having this issue. Is there any way I can return to the previous version so I no longer get the error or is there a way it can be fixed?

A week on and I am still having this problem every time I shut down. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, I’ve ran Disk Cleanup and also ran Windows System File Checker. How do I solve this issue? Am I going to have to change client?


I assumed it started happening after update from eM Client 6 to version 7. Can you please try the following build: We tried to address some similar problems and we are trying to get further feedback on it.