instant email download

Hi there,

I am testing eM Client and I like it so far.
If I got ne mail, it is not downloaded immediately.
I have to click “Nachricht herunterladen” and choose “Auswahl herunterladen” fro the context menu.
“Message will be downloaded when you are online next” … is the meaning of the following message.

Are there any settings to download my opened emails directely?


Can you check that you are not in offline mode.

thanks for the hint.
I am working ONLINE … no checkmark on this menu item

Another thing you could check is that in your IMAP account settings you have selected to download messages for offline use, and also to include images and attachments .

attachment download was not checked.
download msgs for offline use was checked.

Any other ideas?
I tried to check all options by myself but maybe I missed something.


Well, last one from me, because I am not really an IMAP user. If the text is downloading, but not the graphics or attachments, you can change that in privacy settings. Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy. But if that is the problem, you would have an option in the mail header to download them. So I don’t think that is it.

I guess you need to wait for the IMAP contingent to come online.