Instance of recurring meeting off by one hour; series has correct time

I am trialing EM Client 8.1.1015 on my Mac and have added my work email account, which is a G Suite account. I have noticed that some of the recurring meetings that I have been invited to appear on my calendar an hour earlier than the actual scheduled meeting. In this case, the meeting is scheduled to start at 1:30 PM EST but shows up on the calendar as starting at 12:30 PM EST. When I open the meeting event for that day, it also shows a start time of 12:30 PM. However, when I open the series, it shows that the recurring meeting starts at 1:30 PM.

I have also been trialing Thunderbird and Outlook 365 and they do not seem to have this problem, nor does Apple’s Calendar app. They all show meetings at the correct time. I have been trialing EM Client since it seems to integrate well with G Suite, including Google’s directory, but the calendar issues are a non-starter for me.

Why would the meeting series be correct but individual days be incorrect? Any suggestions on how to fix this?