installer purged existing subtrees?

Having read that eM is an excellent client, for starters I installed the free version to  I: (I don’t install anything on C:) under Win 7 pro. 

After the installation ran to completion, the existing subtrees at that location were all gone!   The installer appears to have purged them without warning.  Did it move them somewhere? 

Purging files without warning seems like an extremely bad engineering decision, if that’s what it did, and it makes me nervous.

What version of eM Client did you install?

Installing em Client does not delete anything on your computer. But not sure what you mean by “existing subtrees”. What are these and where are they?

v7, I suppose --the one under the “download” button.

I installed it to I:\1tools\Comm, presuming that as is industry standard it would create it’s own install directory at that localtion.  Under Comm were 2 subtrees (or subdirectories, if you prefer) Comm\Fax  and Comm\Misc.  They are now gone, and in their place are the eM files.  Did it move the subtrees somewhere?

Go to Menu > Help > About and find the version number. It will be something like 7.2.40748

eM Client does not give you an option of where to install the application, but will automatically install it to C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client. You cannot change that. 

Actually, it can be changed – the answer was provided in the forum.

It’s v7

No, the installation directory is always C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client. That cannot be changed.

What does this do then?