Installation problem of eM Client on my Windows 10 computer.

Hello, Here is the content of a message I get when I try to install your program em client. It says that another installation is in progress, but there is no other installations in progress, and I have also restarted the computer. I tried to install the Mozilla Thunderbird, and that went fine with no problems. However, I have heard and read so much positive about your em client that I really is super excited to try it. Can you help me with this problem? Thank you in advance.

Make a restart of the computer by and start the installation as an administrator

Hi Atle,
sounds like a hitch in windows installer (even if it seems it might be blocking only eM Client now).
Try restarting windows installer as is described, for example, here -… or google for different instructions, there are plenty of webs with tips how to solve windows related issues.

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