Installation of 9.1

I apparently installed R 9.1 successfully but when I check the release info it still shows R 9 installed in 2017.

You mean it says your license was issued in 2017?

Yes, that is correct and it still says R 9.

Your have a Free license and in eM Client is shows it is valid for version 9 releases.

You have a version 9 release installed. Is there some problem?

Had a message a couple of weeks ago for an update to v 9.1, went to Menu option and pressed for update and comes up with no update available. Am on v 8.2.1659(845a639), tried update tonight but still no joy.

If you no longer have the message, you can get the latest version in the Release History.

No problem, I just thought that R 9.1 should be reflected with a date of Sep. 2022.


The official or interium release dates of eM Client are not normally linked to any specific month.