Install problem: System admin - p.s.: am in Win 7 as Admin

downloaded setus.msi for version 5 - three times - on installation, after software agreement, get error: System admin has set policies to prevent this installation.
Any help on this would be appreciated

are you able to install any other applications? It seems that you really do not have sufficient rights. Try it and let me know the result.

This continues to be a real problem - initially when installing the trial .msi version had to go to CMD line to install, now, every time I get an update message and try to update get the same problem
Tried your native SUPPORT which was by all means NOT helpful.
There are no other programs I have this problem with - I do not usually have to install .MSI though. The problem with those is that it does not have the right click RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. My current session is logged in as administrator.
Also, tried to produce another log in but was unable to run the same instance of EM CLIENT without having to newly install it.
Can anyone tell me where the problem with administrative rights may lie?
I have a paid version with 2 licenses and am truly getting the idea that this was a mistake - excellent product - but the one line HELP answers just give no information

Please understand that the MSI file is standard installer and you are the first customer reporting similar problem. Contact my colleague Micek directly at - he can connect to you through Teamviewer and try to solve the problem remotely.

the Teamviewer approach did not work - your colleague could not find a problem’
Hence, and since I have no problem installing any other program, I would suggest building in a “Save as Admin” section as all other programs do.
Also, even though I now go to your web site and download the, I guess, most UTD version, install it under CMD prompt, I still get notifications that an update it needed.

We could disable the updates notifications for your license - just send us your order ID please.