Install on both a desktop and laptop.


and can you send the description of your problem?

I really do not have a problem. I am asking a question related to a possible purchase

We have three computers in our home. One desktop and two laptops. Outlook allows for a person to load office on a desktop and a laptop with one license. Do we need two or three copies of eM Client?

yes, as mentioned at our webpage ($49.95 / computer), you will need three licenses. The price is going down if you need more than 4 licenses.


Just want to insure I have this straight. If I purchase eM Client which I discovered the other day and do really like very much, I must spend roughly a $100.00 for both my laptop and desktop computers ($200.00 out of my pocket).

If thats the case I will continue using Thunderbird, I just do not see the extra value of eM Client at $200.00.

Most of us out here prefer to remain consistent with our programs going back and forth from laptop to desktop computers especially having the ability to sync them so one computer is basically identical to the other.

Please reply to insure I have this right. I do really enjoy eM Client but also have mouths to feed. Frankly I was very excited about your program now I expect to be very disappointed when I receive your reply.


please contact Sales Department at

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