Insert Saved Text Into Email

I have regular messages that I wind up sending out to people. I need to be able to save the text of several of these different messages and insert them into new email as needed. Outlook has this feature and it’s a real time saver.


I understand that you want some kind of template function, this will be implemented in 6th version.

you will be able to set default text for reply, forward and new message.


Hi Jan,

Would it be possible to use variables in these templates? I now often use the QuickText extension of Postbox/Thunderbird, with which I can easily insert for example the filename of attachments. I already saw you had nice features to insert lastnames etc. so this would make a very powerful thing!


This seems like nice feature request but now we need to prioritize our work time on features requested by more users.

however I will keep it under consideration for other to +1 this idea

best regards