inline picture message is too small

Dear support,
I have a problem with proper zoom for inline picture messages. It looks very small specially on 13 inch screen (see attached). I am able to increase the font size temporally with Ctrl++ but it will increase the regular message font as well. Please advice

Hello, this seems to be an HTML message, you can use zoom by CTRL++, however if some of the external linked files are too small they can’t be enlarged. This is unfortunately due to the formatting of the message.


Can you consider to increase the size? The same message looks fine with Thunderbird

Hello, as I suggested this is due to formatting of the message, not really sure what you’re suggesting - HTML messages have a default formatting, e.g. fixed font-sizes and widths of elements - it is not up to us how to display the message HTML is a code that the application can display, however there are certain rules how to work with this data. Make a screenshot of the issue in comparison to Thunderbird, maybe this is just a little misunderstanding, however HTML can’t be adjusted by us when received by the client.


Thank you for response. Its a real problem for me right now because of many emails in this format. The Thunderbird and WindowsMail are fine and image is much bigger and readable on small display.