Indication when to scroll in the attachment list

When receiving an email with a lot of files attached, there is no indication, how many files these are. Nor the scrollbuttons in the attachment field are highlightet, so you sometimes will overlook attachments, because you didnt scroll down the attachment list.
Thats quite annoying!
Is there any way to fix this issuu?

Thanks in advance,
Lukas Musilek

Hi Lukas,
this is a good feature request, I can agree that this can be sometimes confusing, however when more attachments than the ones displayed are included the scroll option is displayed, which indicates there’s more attachments.
But I agree this could be more visible to the user.

We’ll consider improving this in future releases.

Thank you for the suggestion,

Hi Paul,

We have recently started using eM client and this is of concern to us as some crucial attachments have recently been missed.

Are there any settings now available where I can change the layout of attachments or create an indication that the user needs to scroll?  If not, are improvements for this area under consideration?



Hi Jessica.

Well this is an old thread which you have resurrected. :slight_smile:

It was posted in the early days of version 6. Themes have changed since version 6 and when version 7 was released they were very narrow, so most missed them. They were there though. More recently they were widened slightly in the default theme. If this is still a problem for you with the default Modern theme, you can change to Classic or any others for wider more visible scroll bars. You will find the setting in Menu > Tools > settings > Appearance > Themes.