Indent of text causes eliding in sent msg display

I’ve just discovered that if I indent a chunk of text in my email message, then it displays as intended (i.e., as the indented text) when I’m composing and sending.  But when I read that sent message, the text is replaced with the 3-dot icon and must be expanded in order to be read.  I’m guessing that someone is going to tell me this is a “feature and not a bug”, but it amounts to suppressing genuine message text display and I would like to turn this feature off.  However, I can’t seem to find how to do so.  This “feature” should, of course, not in any way be linked to “conversation” features since it has nothing to do with a conversation.

Thanks for any help.

This is not a feature, but an unintended consequence of how it handles message string display in a single message.  Typically, email strings from previous conversations in a string are indented.  If eM Client is configured for conversations, it does not display those conversations, as it would be redundant since all of the conversations messages are grouped together anyway.  Unfortunately, it treats any indent this way and the text will be replaced by “…”.  The good news is the recipient does not see the “…”, unless they have eM Client.

You can only remove this “feature” by disabling conversations.

Thanks.  I thought I had conversations disabled, but it turns out I didn’t have them disabled “enough”.  I’ve changed that and will live with the consequences, conversation-wise.  Sounds like this is a consequence of not having a precise enough concept of “conversation” in the context of mail “threads” and sorting out all the distinct parameters that apply in one case but not another.  Difficult to get something like this totally right without substantial testing by very disparate user groups which have different feature preferences and expectations.

I completely agree with your thoughts.  I too live with the unintended consequence.  Not that big of a deal.