Incorrect Task reminder time

When I create a new Task (for Apple Reminders folders), even though I set the Due reminder to today and the time to (say) 17:30, eM Client sets it to be at 23:59, even though in it’s own Edit dialog for the Task, it says 17:30. When I sort the Tasks, it puts the Task at the bottom of the list (because it is really set to remind at 23:59, even though I set it for 17:30).

If I change it externally in Reminders to 17:30, then refresh, eM Tasks gets it right, and sort works. The dialog for the Task, reminder and reminder time, are apparently as they were before, when the reminder time was really 23:59!

When the Task reminder goes off, at the right time, i.e. 17:30), it shows the Task duration as being 00:00 - 23:59. I’ve tried with start date on and off, did not seem to matter.

Anyone else seen this? It’s a proper bind, but surely I’m doing something wrong, or my settings are incorrect?

Help appreciated :slight_smile: