Incorrect number of mails

Due to a crash I reinstalled my system, W10, all mails were correctly imported 
But…the number of mails, as it is shown on the Inbox of Outbox  are only the ones that aren’t read. All other mails aren’t  listed anymore. Strange because until my crash, 2 days ago, all mails ( read and unread) were included in this numer and not only the ones that werent read.
Can you explain this?
Looking forward to your answer.
B.T.W I use a Gmail.account

The numbers shown next to the folders are only for the number of unread emails.  The total number of emails in a folder is on the top bar.

When you say they aren’t listed, does that mean the actual emails no longer appear or they are just not in the count?

Thanks a lot for your reply! U are right, it’s quite as you told me, I was wrong.
My apologises!