Inconsistent connections with servers

I use eM to connect with two Gmail accounts. With one of them I constantly get messages in the Operations dialog telling me the connection has failed; sometimes with both of them. This morning I ran the diagnostics. At first there was a failure with connecting with the IMAP server and running the fix didn’t work. I changed the IMAP security policy to legacy, ran the diagnostics again and it gave an okay on both IMAP and SMTP. However, when folders are being synchronized, I still often get a message saying the connection failed while it appears to be synchronizing anyway. Sometimes I’ll see a red triangle with an exclamation mark beside one or both account name after synchronizing. It might correct itself quickly, or it might not.

In short, it can’t consistently connect properly with the account servers. What can I do to make it consistently perform reliably?

Majority of similar problems is caused by poor network connection. If you want, I can send you our special diagnostic tool and analyze the problem in more detail but if everything works OK, you can simply disable showing of the error message. Just let me know …