Inconsistencies in Google Chat between eM and web interface

On version 7.1 of eM with Windows 10, I am encountering syncing inconsistencies between the Google Chat in eM and the Google chat’s web interface.  For instance, the contact list for chat shows some contacts in eM that don’t appear in the web interface (and are not hidden).  Additionally, some contacts that are in the web interface are not showing in the eM interface.

In individual chat windows with contacts, only the chatting history that took place within eM is visible.  This text from eM shows up in the web interface for chat, but chatting that happens in the web interface, or on the phone does not show up in the chat history in eM.  This makes chat practically unusable because large chunks of conversation are missing from each chat unless ALL chatting happens in eM.

Hoping these are known issues with fixes, as chat seems unusable within the eM client currently.

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Six years later I’m commenting, but this is still a problem. I’m not finding any information anywhere on this. My Google Chat gets all of the contact’s updates, but only sees mine if they were entered into the emclient chat window directly. Any chatting I do either directly in gmail or on my phone is not shown, only the contact’s responses. This seems like it should be considered either a serious bug, or otherwise there should be some kind of posted known limitation on this feature with Google Chat.