Incoming mail bypasses Inbox and goes straight to All Mail

I was frustrated that I seemed to be missing incoming mail and then I realised that occasional emails were bypassing my Inbox and going straight to All Mail. I am spotting them now as I have activated the Unread folder in Smart Folders and they appear there, but it isn’t the correct solution. Any ideas?

Additionally, my Unread folder constantly has a count which is 1 too high i.e. if there are no unread mails it shows count 1, if there is 1 unread mail it shows count 2 etc. The same is true for the unread count in the All Mail file. It’s not really a problem, just really irritating. Is there any was to reset the counts?


Hi Richard,

Missing an important email is very unpleasant thing and of course we will try to solve this with you.
Try just re-adding your account but only if it is IMAP one, for POP3 accounts you should make a backup of your emails before removing it.
If issue is still there afterwards I will need you to specify who is your email service provider i.e. it is known that Gmail had issues with mails skipping inbox.

Kind regards

Anthony - Just to be clear - you want me to completely remove the account affected, and then re-add it. For your info, it is a Gmail account. I have a whole series of tailored categories which I use in calendar and contacts. Please confirm that this process won’t mess these up causing me to reset them all up.


Hello Richard,
Your information should be safe, if you want to be protected from unwanted data loss you can make a backup of your database as I mentioned.
According to the information you have provided your account is Gmail, all folders should be on Google servers then, even if you remove your account.