Incoming email Problem

Hi Gary,

Another problem for you! I have received a notice that “Unfortunately, your email client cannot display HTML or your settings are turned off.” I’ve tried everything under “Settings” but cannot find anything on this. I’ve tried setting “HTML” under “New Mail Format” but doesn’t seem to work. One email I got yesterday that normally has an image only has 3 http: links & no image! I’ve also noticed that I’m unable to set eM Client as my default email servicer yet it appears in my Windows list of Apps! Thanks!


That setting is for messages you are composing.

The viewing of received messages setting is in the Read section. Make sure it is unticked.

Thanks Gary,

My block was checked! What about setting eM Client as my default browser?


You mean email client, not browser?

In your Windows settings > Apps > Default Apps, go to the bottom of the options and select Set defaults by app.

Find eM Client in the list and click on Manage.

Set all the options to eM Client.

Thanks Gary, all have been set and “Settings” now show eM Client as the default!