Incoming e-mail problem. Recieves ok via my android mobile but not on my laptop

I am not recieving any e-mails for one specific e-mail account via my laptop (the other works fine) but I am getting them on my android mobile. I can send messages for this e-mail account from this account ok. I’ve copied the setting from my mobile and when I do a diagnostic check it comes up with a tick

Hi, go to Tools - Accounts - your account and tell me what tabs do you see.


Hi John

For the account that is giving the problem I have 4 tabs, 1)General, 2) IMAP, 3) SMTP, and 4) Diagnostics.

Even when I do a diagnostics check it displays ticks, suggesting that everything is ok


Any response to my reply above?


i have had the same issue for a week now.

appears it may be an issue with version 6 and Norton internet security. turned off the mail protection and now the mail downloads. not sure how to egt the two working together again


I only went with eM Client because I’d lost my my hard drive in my old laptop and was trying other e-mail clients before considering MS Outlook again. Part of reloading my new(er) laptop was installing free AVG anti-virus, something I’ve used for years. Somehow I’d loaded a free trial version of a paid for product rather than the free to use product

Given your comments about your anti-virus I decided to uninstalled the free trial AVG product and re-installed the free version I was used to. As soon as this went live on my laptop the missing incoming e-mails started coming through to my laptop inbox.

Problem resolved, but not by eM Client I’m afraid. They started good by makig one initial contact but never came back with a single solution.

I am sorry for delayed answer, but to clarify - yes, it was caused by AVG it is known for its issues and with eM Client it sometimes causes issues.