Incedimail transfer

When using the import method to get the mail from Incredimail only certain emails come across due to the version that the Incredimail is at. Weather its version 2 or 2.5 it will only import one version.

Can anyone help

It will probably only import from the latest version.

If you have two versions of the application installed, you might need to export your data from that application.

Hi Gray

Thanks for the input but I only have one message store even though the software was updated. Msg stored must contain what version when they were received.


I assumed because you mentioned two different versions, you have two message stores.

But if you only have one message store, I don’t understand what the problem is. Either eM Client is importing or it is not. Maybe you could explain a bit more about what you were expecting to happen, what this 2 and 2.5 refers to, and what did happen.