inboxes show both accounts email in both inboxes same exchange server diffrent credentials

One of my employees is testing emClient 7.2.34711.0 (we are trying to convert the company from outlook)  the complaint is he has 2 accounts (same exchange server, different credentials) mail from both accounts is showing up in both inboxes (commingling the mail).   This will not work as the inboxes are 2 separate organizations.  and it becomes problematic when responding to email.  How can this be fixed.

the email aren’t per say in the same inbox they may be in the all mail box.  if you look at the separate email accounts inbox they should be separate.  the problem you may have is  that I don’t see the option on the free em client to pick which email address you want to send it from.  Outlook has this option and em client that you purchase may have this  option also, I don’t know.  if it does than all you need to do is pick which email address you want to send it from, otherwise it will send from the default email not necessary the one that it was received in.  you could email em client to see if that option is available.

I will check that out.  Any help on the question how to move the order listed of different categories  such as sent, saved, deleted  or to add/delete these items?  Tks.

Both of the individual email accounts are showing mail from both accounts.  When my employee told me about the problem, that was the first thing I looked for was to see if he was in the individual inbox.

If you go into menu / settings / mail tap click on the arrow in front of mail and put a check mare in here is says"show mail address in the email header"  the email will appear in the email header and allow to pick the email you wish to send from.  this will keep your privacy.